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Poem of the Day: 31 May 2005

In the midst of

In the midst of
Too many high school geometry classes
And educational children’s books
With count-the-buttons
And tie-my-shoes
Poor rhombus is thwarted once again
In the struggle for recognition.

Perhaps rhombus showed up late
For the meeting where they assigned meanings
To words.
Maybe “Pretty” and “Music”
Rhombus’ high-school nemeses
Got to pick first
Because Rhombus had to walk the dog
Or pick up brownies for the meeting
And arrived at least before snot
And taxes.

Annie H. (High School, 2004-5) (p#242)

A cat purring on the floor

A cat purring on the floor
I walk in through the door
He pounces on me but not of joy
It’s in his interest to destroy.

Reed B. (Middle School, 2004-5) (p#243)


Feels like a strong sprint,
Its job to spread beauty
Feels like a cool breeze on my face,
The brush of leaves falling.

Shanice S. (Middle School, 2004-5) (p#244)

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