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Poem of the Day: 2 Mar 2006

The Silent Hunter

and maybe…
yes a flute! in the background
a royal jamboree of sound
as silent branches stand and watch
the sultry figure of red sulks across the grassy oval
taking out her hair tie
and letting the black mane that is her hair
brush against the bottoms of her ankles
allowing the sparrows to next upon her shoulders.

Mikela S. (Middle School, 2005-6) (p#2078)


New York City 
is filled with
tourists touring
shoppers shopping
buses roaming
around stopping
starting all the time.
Christmas is spectacular 
and so is Hanukah in     

Susanna D. (Middle School, 2005-6) (p#2079)

The pencil dropped

The pencil dropped
on to the cold, hard,
mean, wood floor. It
bounced and then
rolled and stopped

Aliyah K. (Middle School, 2005-6) (p#2080)

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