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Poem of the Day: 2 Apr 2008

Do You Hear It?

When you are all alone
You can hear everything:
The crickets chirping,
The birds singing, and…
Yourself breathing.
And when the door opens it is all gone.

Olive N. (Middle School, 2007-8) (p#4656)

Letters in Love


I had nothing to do today so I circled all the things in this catalogue I thought you might like (the pages are folded down on the corners and there might be a color code system according to price and how much you’d like it. maybe.)

I also dusted all the highest shelves you’re too short to see and reorganized the records chronologically according to emotional association (like that guy in that movie we saw once on TV.)

Then I sat and stared at the water damage in the upper right hand corner of the kitchen (get it fixed get it fixed get it fixed) and played with the skin next to my thumbnail.

I ate a pear, it tasted like preschool.

When will you be home?


Dear John,

When I woke the kettle was whistling and all the water had boiled away.
So I had to make a whole other pot.
And I didn’t get it to your mother on time.
I’m sorry.
(I hope she’ll survive.)
How was lunch?
Did you have beets?

Emma O. (High School, 2007-8) (p#4657)

Gone With the Wind

Flowing and carefree
The viewer of many lands
Oh, how I wish to travel with you,
Picking up the scent of faraway places
Toying with them like string, then dissolving
Flying in and out to greet me with your rich scents
And cool breeze,
And as you come in and beckon to me,
I follow you down the stairs

As I run outside and outstretch my arms
All who see you lift me off the dew
Know I will never be coming back.

Kimani E. (Middle School, 2007-8) (p#4658)

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