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Poem of the Day: 20 Feb 2008

The Asp

She chose it just like I choose to sleep and wake
Just like I choose what flavor ice cream 
It was remarkable, a choice few could make
She had even fewer choices
Certainly not as many as Ben & Jerry’s
Something more along the lines of chocolate or vanilla

    Rugs are easy to find she thought
    But hurry, Octavian is coming 
    And snakes can be treacherous

All she needed was a way
Because will was something she never lacked
So up on her sleeping bower
She called a physician 
    I have choices, but only one is fit for queens 

And so saying she wrote letters of entreaty to her former lover
Caesar, who buried her, with her still warm husband
And so cold she shuddered, shivering with poison, like ice cream
Shimmering through her veins

    So here it is, among these figs
    Lend me my headdress and robe and quick you too
    Inhale this sweet ending, before they come
    I will not be a pawn left to prowl alone
    Encased in glass seen and not known

And so with her lithe, alive spindle of poison
It took her arm lovingly between bared jaws
And kohl ringed eyelids fluttered with relief
Relieved of the weight the crown had brought on her head

    O Antony and heaven flash before
    My last flutter, take care dear asp
    I will not forget

Alyssa N. (High School, 2007-8) (p#4494)

Shall you kill me where I lay?


<<Shall you kill me where I lay?>> asks
the lover of her son. <<Are you here
to remind me that when man learned
to fly he forgot his mother and then
fell in love with the moon?>>

He makes not that her skin
is oiled like a duck from eating
pitted olives on her lunch break,
that her cheeks are ruddied like that old
English Rudyard, and that her nose is peeling.

<<When he learned to fly, mother,
we learned to love the moon.  Her changes
I could count, mother, and where her face
Would focus, I could know.>>

My mother screamed <<God damn you, God damn you, my child, God damn you,
You negated everything. You pest! You never once said sorry & meant it, you never knew you were so bad—>> I asked God to take me then, selah, I asked and he didn’t dare hear and he left me here to toil more and more over again.  I asked God to take me then, I asked God, that if he could spare me, please, I never knew of a father, I never knew of an early father, an earthly father, could he take me to his breast?  I took the lamp and the sheet and threatened fire! But he tried not to hear me as up went my screams.

Hannah Z. (High School, 2007-8) (p#4495)

Her mind wanders up

     Her mind wanders up 
past the plaster ceiling 
and into the stars.

     She releases 
her thoughts, for they
were struggling
to break free
of her body
and become one
with the universe
miniscule and HUGE
within the nonexistent
boundaries of the
and as they
disappear into forever,
more thoughts form
inside her head.

Mika K. (Middle School, 2007-8) (p#4496)

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