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Poem of the Day: 1 Oct 2008

Dear Sam

(A poem inspired by the letters of David Berkowitz, a.k.a. Son of Sam)
I've been waiting for you
 In the gutters of New York City
 With the dog manure, urine, and blood,
 Right where you left me.
 I've spent so many nights without you
 And your return would mean the world
 Because I don't even know where you are see
 And I am all by my lonesome now.
 Oh Sam, I miss you something terrible.
 I've been getting all of these strange thoughts into my head
 But I am sure that seeing you again
 Could send all those thoughts straight back to where they came from.
 When are you going to come back to me Sam?
 We could set down in the sewers of New York City, me and you
 With the dog manure, urine, and blood,
 And watch all those people pass us by and laugh
 Because we've got each other and they have got nothing.
 Because the voices leave us alone and they won't leave them.
 Please Sam,
 Break free and come on back to me soon Sam.

Katherine C. (High School, 2008-9) (p#5378)

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