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Poem of the Day: 23 Sep 2008

I put my body

I put my body 
in between my snow-white 
winter-chilled sheets and clasped 
my clammy hands on the other
side of the pillow looking out
the window past the brewed soup
of frozen people wearing hats that
someone bigger than us put together
with icy spices, cold-broth people and
snow-vegetables that I’m supposed
to shovel tomorrow for Mister
and Miss who don’t want to get
their shiny brass-button black shoes
dirty and I can see Miss holding up
her thick, velvety blanket gown with
her fingers and laughing opening her
thin red-like-roses lips with Mister
who stares in awe at her high-heeled
cockroach-killer shoes that make her
long calves pop out and he imagines
holding up her gown for her
late that night in a warmer brown
room warmer than the weather outside
and I can hear them whispering 
to each other in the dark from my
cold attic room up the creaky wooden
flight of stairs
I wish the chimney was next to my bed
the way it is next to theirs and I wish
I had a handsome strong man to stare 
in awe at my legs to bring me champagne
and have my tree-trunk-long body 
on his mind all night until after dinner
I wish I had a man to take off my
rabbit-furry rabbit fur hat and kiss me
every night.

Violet F. (Middle School, 2007-8) (p#5347)

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