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Poem of the Day: 22 Oct 2009

The Purging of Emotions

The bow glided across my cello.
The notes becoming powerful and then subtle with each stroke.
My brow is furrowed.
The only reason why I play anymore,
Is that,
It’s the only way I can drown out her cries.
Some nights louder than others,
And some begin with only whispers of cries.
I leave her at night,
Too scared to help.
Yet I don’t think I could,
For she is sinking in her own sorrow.
She begins with pathetic whimpers,
Echoing through the house,
Challenging my notes.
But I play louder,
Until I can play no longer.
And the purging of emotions
Fades into silence that burns my ears.

Holly T. (High School, 2009-10) (p#6917)

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