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Poem of the Day: 17 Sep 2009


It is a hot sunny day; 
the boy’s shirt is sticking
to his body.  He sits laughing
with his older sister.  They
sit at a picnic table,
their faces are red from the
heat; they wait for their mother
to bring them cold lemonade.
Their mother comes out of 
the house carrying pink
lemonade with ice.  When the
children see it, they get excited
looks on their faces.
They sip their lemonade quickly.
When they are done, they leap up 
from the table and race away
to the pool.  Their mother comes
back outside smiling and clears
the cups away.  She watches the 
small outlines of her children in
the distance.

Eliza P. (Middle School, 2008-9) (p#6778)

The feeling of nothingness

The feeling of nothingness
The thought of emptiness
Overcomes you

Susanna D. (Middle School, 2008-9) (p#6779)

The ugly sweater sits in the closet,

The ugly sweater sits in the closet,
Never been worn, full of dust.
It’s always wanted to be, but its owner never
Even looked at it. Whenever the owner opens
The closet, the ugly sweater pleads to be picked.
But sadly, no.

Alison M. (Middle School, 2008-9) (p#6780)

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