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Poem of the Day: 18 Sep 2009

The giant projector in the gym

The giant projector in the gym 
showed the speech that 
would change our lives.
The light in front of us inspired us 
and made us hope.
We sat as a group 
cheering when appropriate
and loving every minute
of what the people were saying.
The hour and a half passed quickly 
but we were happy the next four years
would go slowly because
Barack Obama 
was finally our president.

Louise S. (Middle School, 2008-9) (p#6782)

Their developing stories

Their developing stories
They want to be quiet.
I say loud.
They disagree.

Nina P. (Middle School, 2008-9) (p#6783)

An owl

            An owl
            A bird
            All humans are
            A beautiful day yet to

Anjolie N. (Middle School, 2008-9) (p#6784)

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