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Poem of the Day: 19 Sep 2009

The lily floats on the placid pond in daylight,

The lily floats on the placid pond in daylight,
Her plain, white petals closed.
Surrounding her, the roses snicker.
Their vibrant pink color is dazzling,
Their stems straight,
Their thorns hidden,
While the lily sits alone, excluded.
As night falls, the roses’ color dims to grey.
In contrast, their thorns are revealed.
And they gasp, humiliated, at the lily,
Her petals unfolding,
The sparkly, satin inside facing the cloudy sky.
Even as her shimmer fades,
And dawn breaks,
The roses are quiet
And the lily drifts
On the placid pond in daylight.

Colette G. (Middle School, 2008-9) (p#6785)

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