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Poem of the Day: 6 Jun 2010


to stand on
the empty subway
platform. My iPod headphones
glued in my ears, even though
my music stopped half an hour ago,
enjoying the peace and silence
in the black still night. Quietly, quietly.

Suzanne B. (Middle School, 2009-10) (p#7825)

I roll thoughts

I roll thoughts
Of amazing foods rush through my head,
I crave them all.
I feel the majesty 
Of a seared tuna platter
That makes me feel
10 feet tall.
I wake up with a mouth full of sand,
And soon after,
I am rushed into the car.
I need to run wild, says my conscience.
Soon, I say.

Charlie K. (Middle School, 2009-10) (p#7826)

Through the smoky smell of aged dust

Through the smoky smell of aged dust
a dim light glimmers
as the words of a tattered newspaper 
feed a starving stomach.

The fake rose found in the gutter 
droops in the sickly sweet remains
of a soda can
the plastic stem leaning against the ragged metal rim.

A tongue, dry and yearning 
sits between chapped lips
letting thirst claw its way past chipped teeth.

Grimy fingers thump the threadbare carpet
sending desolate shivers of percussion
through the floor boards.

A single tear slides down a wrinkled cheek, 
just to fall through the darkening air
and crash into an open palm

the dusty silence.

Eliza F. (Middle School, 2009-10) (p#7827)

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