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Poem of the Day: 10 May 2010


They say she came 
from the east,
like MacDonald’s
and Buicks.
But Sue was
Neither the 
rice paddies of Thailand nor 
the CCP 
could stop her.

So Sue 
blew her way

She ate beaches
and the Mao portrait
in Tiananmen Square,
destroying the culture
while she was at it.
But Sue was
Instead of 
planting mini-malls
and MacDonald’s
and Buicks,
Sue brought 

And as she came 
crashing down,
everything was engulfed
in a rich
baritone black
that quickly covered
the world.
And at last
Sue’s work was done.

And Sue 
blew her way

Nicholas S. (Middle School, 2009-10) (p#7717)

We rolled

We rolled
           the hill
wanting to stay out here
as long as possible,
before the counselors came 
to haul us back in,
feeling the ubiquitous grass
engulfing our bodies 
and giggles
as our brains turned to mush
like a watermelon in a blender
the spongy dirt below us
was cold, unlike the sand
on a beach that’s been
heating all day.
The wind whispering in 
our ears and the fiery sun 
blazing its last splinters
frantically, trying to light
up the sky again
as the impatient night danced around it.

Elliot M. (Middle School, 2009-10) (p#7718)

jumping mice run through the

jumping mice run through the 
field with excitement do they 
know what’s soon to come

Oscar P. (Middle School, 2009-10) (p#7719)

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