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Poem of the Day: 18 May 2010

The waves are crashing like honey

The waves are crashing like honey
Coming out of a jar
The water is as cold as an ice cube
Melting in your hand
It’s the crisp of winter
My body is full of goose bumps 
The sand is stuck to my feet
And it reminds me of summer

Skye B. (Middle School, 2009-10) (p#7749)


The first scarlet, blood-red drop.
Then another, 
And another,
Staining the lovely green picture.

Then Fall comes back,
The red drops run up a tree to hide from the cold.
The green turns to gold.
The drops fall off the tree,
Turning into queer, light, papery objects.

Then children come.
They bring big claws
And heap the drops together.
Then they jump.
The drops scatter
And perform that play over and over.

Asher L. (Middle School, 2009-10) (p#7750)

He whose heart is made of gold

He whose heart is made of gold
Weighs heavy on the chest.
He who feels too little often finds himself in the dark corners of his mind.

John W. (Middle School, 2009-10) (p#7751)

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