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Poem of the Day: 7 Sep 2010

I envy Pearl.

I envy Pearl.
She always had a pale face,
tiny ankles, and dull black hair.
Before ballet on Mondays she used to claw at her father’s back,
tears racing down her numb face.
She always barreled down the studio,
in tight leather slippers and on knuckled toes.
Once Ms. Liz grabbed Pearl’s arm
and Pearl slumped against the mirror.
Tiny smudge marks ran up the glass 
from her moist back.
We swore she had never been so still, 
and as she sat, limp, her brown eyes darkened
as she glared into wrinkled fingers, palms, and wrists
that we sometimes grimaced at.
That next Monday, Pearl’s mother was in our studio
holding Pearl’s hand and yelling at Ms. Liz.
And when it was time to pirouette across the floor,
I missed Pearl’s torpedoing body
as she dizzily bumped into the white washed walls
that a man named James, who always tried to talk to us
and to whom only Pearl responded,
cleans as he wears silver sunglasses, leather pants, and black boots.
And I missed waiting on line
as Pearl hunched over the fountain, bangs dripping into the water
as she slurped it up and waited until Ms. Liz 
pulled her up by her bare shoulders.

On Mondays during stretches,
when Ms. Liz talks about her boyfriends to the Polish pianist,
we don’t have anything to say,
and I’m starting to understand 
what the babysitters whisper about in the waiting room.  
I envy Pearl.

Jamie M. (High School, 2009-10) (p#7965)


The rain
my string cheese shoes
into nothing.
I march about in liquid socks.

Alex C. (Middle School, 2009-10) (p#7966)

The wind that comes and goes

The wind that comes and goes 
   e     p     n
L    a     i     g
through the air like an
absurd Frog
As I 
step out my door
the wind gallops at 
full speed toward me
pushing me back and slamming

Cece C. (Middle School, 2009-10) (p#7967)

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