Poem of the Day: 15 Aug 2011

My Dream

I flew onto a street. I ran up one side of the block and ran back down. I ran up and then I saw a little kid screaming. Then a nice married couple came to the boy and asked “do you want to play Mario Kart Wii?” the boy screamed twice, and then the couple and the boy walked into the house. I ran down the block so fast I tripped over my own feet and started to tumble down to the bottom where my friend Ethan and two girls were standing. Ethan asked one of the girls “what did you get Henry for his birthday? Noobies?” That girl seemed greatly offended. Then I ate a bag of Fritos and then I started to fly. A machine appeared out of nowhere. I jumped into it and it exploded. I yelled “where are my Boggie Woggies!” and then I woke up.

Calvin B. (Middle School, 2010-11) (p#9557)

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