“I pledge allegiance to the flag…”
My eyes move back and forth.
They scan the whitewashed walls
And the whitewashed students
“Of the United Sates of America…”
An image flashes before my eyes.
Daddy screaming at me.
In my bed,
Late at night,
Hearing Mamma and Daddy yelling at each other,
Holding Dolly close.
“And to the republic for which it stands…”
I can’t stand it any more.
I get up and run out of my class,
The teacher calling my name.
I run out of the schoolyard
And down the street,
All the way home.

Edie A. (Middle School, 2011-2) (p#10472)


No one to talk to.
No lights.
Just pure loneliness.

Georgia S. (Middle School, 2011-2) (p#10473)


The man walked down the street
Stomping little feet.
Yell boom blood voom.
The man walked down the street.