The Growing Shelf

Selections from alumni, faculty and former faculty publications

NEW ADDITIONS, August 2013

Daniel Bergner (’77 & former faculty): What Do Women Want?: Adventures in the Science of Female Desire  bookcover

Beth Bosworth (’75 & faculty): The Source of Life and Other Stories  bookcover

Nora Chassler (’90): Miss Thing  bookcover

Helen Stevens “Steevie” Chinitz (former faculty): Sluice [bookcover]

Randall de Sève (former faculty): Peanut & Fifi have a ball Peanut & Fifi have a ball bookcover

Jill Di Donato (’95): Beautiful Garbage: A Novel.  bookcover

Joanna Fuhrman (’91): Pageant Pageant bookcover
by Joanna Fuhrman

Sara Gran (’89): Claire DeWitt & the Bohemian Highway  bookcover

William Hogeland (former faculty): Founding Finance: How Debt, Speculation, Foreclosures, Protests, and Crackdowns Made Us a Nation  bookcover

Victoria Kann (’81):  bookcover

Paul Lockhart (faculty): Measurement  bookcover

Matteo Pericoli (former faculty): London for Children  bookcover

Ivy Pochoda (’94): Visitation Street: A Novel bookcover

Nancy Rommelmann (’79): Transportation  bookcover

Ben Schrank (’87): Love is a Canoe  bookcover

Sam Sifton (’84): Thanksgiving: How to Cook it Well  bookcover



Pearl Abraham (former faculty):

Garrick Ambrose (’98):

Katya Arnold (faculty):
Jane Avrich (faculty):

Ellen Baxt (’92):
Thomas Beller (’83):

Samantha Berger (’87):
Daniel Bergner (’77 & former faculty):

Beth Bosworth (’75 & faculty):
Kerry Bourgoine (former staff):
David Boyum (’81):
Kenya Brome (’88):

Donna Brook (former faculty):
Katherine L. Browning (’07):
Stephen Cassell (’81):
Nora Chassler (’90):
Helen Stevens “Steevie” Chinitz (former faculty):
Rachel Cline (’75),

Randall de Sève (former faculty):
Jill Di Donato (’95):
Katherine Eban (’84)

Meghan Elias (’87):
Beth Enson (’77):
Jonathan Epstein (’86):
William R. Everdell (faculty):
Ann Faison (’82):
Seth Faison (’77):
Robert Faludi (’84):
Jennifer Farber (’86):
Joanna Fuhrman (’91):
Elizabeth Fodaski (’88 & faculty):
Elizabeth Gaffney (’85):
Elana Gartner (’94):
John Gartner (’75):
Melissa James Gibson (faculty):
Samantha Gillison (’85):
Adam Gidwitz (faculty):
Risa Goluboff (’89):
Neil Gordon (’75):
Kendra Graham (former faculty):
Sara Gran (’89):
Max Gross (’96)
Jonathan Hafetz (former faculty)
Caroline Hagood (’00):
Jim Halverson (former faculty):
Melville Harcourt (former Rector):
Katherine Healy (’86):
Judith Hawkes (former faculty):
Ann Herendeen (’73):
William Hogeland (former faculty):
Deborah Howard (’75):
Manny Howard (’84):
Ann Hulbert (’73):
Bill Hurst (’93):
Marc Jaffee (’02):
Hannah Jones (’06):
Elizabeth Kann (’85):
Victoria Kann (’81):
Melissa Kantor (faculty):
Roland Kelts (former faculty):
Andrew Kirtzman (’78):
Alexis Lathem (’76):
Natasha Le Bel (’94):
Paul Lockhart (faculty):
Denis Markell (’75):
Lauren Mechling (’95):
Andrew Mertha (’83):
Anne Midgette (’82):
Carol Rawlings Miller (faculty):
Jessica Jordan Nudel (’90):
Sean O’Donnell (’80):
Meghan O’Rourke (’93):
Matteo Pericoli (former faculty):
Hara Person (’81):
Ivy Pochoda (’94):
John Pomfret (’77):
Alissa Quart (’89):
Nancy Reardon (faculty):
Jendi Reiter (’89):
Nancy Rommelmann (’79):
Jennifer “Chotzi” Rosen (’76):
Cecile Niemitz-Rossant (’79):
Juliette Rossant (’77):
Elisabeth Ruedy (former faculty):
Benjamin Rutter (faculty):
Ben Schrank (’87):
Willa Shalit (’74):
Sam Sifton (’84):
Aeon J. Skoble (’81):
Abby Stoddard (’84):
Emma Straub (’98):
Bob Swacker (faculty):
Craig D. Townsend (former faculty):
Jonathan Van Gieson (’92):
Marielle Vigourt & Joëlle Zimmermann (faculty):
Joe Wallace (’75):
Suzanne Weber (’81) as Anita Liberty:
Nancy White (former faculty):
Anne Pierson Wiese (’81 & staff):
Heather Williams (’74):
Bethany Yarrow (’88):
Hannah Zeavin (’08):
Elizabeth Zechel (faculty):
Anna Ziegler (’97 & former staff):
Joëlle Zimmermann & Marielle Vigourt (faculty):

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